Hunger For Memory

Hunger For Memory

Journal Response ?Hunger for Memory?

Richard Rodriguez in his book ?Hunger of Memory? writes about the psychological impact of lack of heritage in his adulthood for trying to blend both heritages, American and Hispanic in his childhood. His experience as a second-generation Mexican immigrant, growing up in middle class, predominantly white neighborhood where he felt the discrimination and his struggle with the English language. He also tells us about how uncomfortable it was for him to see his parents trying to speak English. He describes to us the two worlds, ?The Spanish world at his house and the gringos, American world? that he lived for a period of his life in his childhood. Rodriguez says that he felt very comfortable at home where everyone spoke Spanish. Rodriguez states, ?My parents would say something to me and I would feel embraced by the sounds of their words.? (396) It was his language, and the only one that made sense to him. Rodriguez points out how the language barrier both excludes the Hispanic and isolates them from the predominant society. He recalls sitting at the dinner table, joining his parents in mocking the

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