Man Vs Slave

Man Vs Slave

Man vs. Slave
Many have different definitions on a slave and a man. I have found that even I do not have the same definition as my peers, or even of Frederick Douglass himself.

In my definition, a slave is one who has no rights, no freedom, is submissive, and can do only what they are ordered. To be disobedient will result in a beating or whipping. In a sense children are slaves. They are monitored very closely and always told what to do. In the same respect the entire populous is a slave. All are responsible to a higher authority. One has their boss to report to, and all, ultimately, report to the government. Even the government has to report to someone; the people are their ?slave owner.?

A man is one who can (potentially) own land, vote, and earn a living for his family and himself. A man is also one who can think for himself and make decisions based on rational thinking. Another trait of a man is the ability to read and write.

Douglass feels that a slave is one who has no freedom, and a man is one who

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