Goldworthys use of setting is deliberate and significant. By focusing on Darwin, Adelaide and Vienna, discuss how his use of setting reinforces some of the themes of Maestro.

It can be said that Goldworthy uses different settings to reinforce different themes in the novel. These themes intertwine to link together. Darwin reinforces maturing from a teenager into an adult, Adelaide deals with learning to accept weaknesses and Vienna deals with the difference between impressions and reality. Although these themes are dealt with throughout the novel, each setting acts on reinforcing particular themes.

Darwin represents Pauls maturing from a vulnerable adolescent into a confident young man. He uses his arrogance, intellectual ability and musical talent to cope with the challenges that face him and make his last years of high school socially easier. His relationship with Rosie provides him with the confidence to demonstrate his musical abilities confidently to the three boys who had in the past given him a hard time in school: Scotty Mitchell, Reggie Lim and Jimmy Papas.
Once he is socially higher, the girl he used to dream about : Megan suddenly take interests in him. After experimenting with her he realises that he Rosie is

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