Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre
By: Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre: She is the main character of this story. She struggles as she tries to grow up in a family that despises her and treats her as they would a slave. She develops her own sense of independence at this time, which is later a major factor in her life. She falls in love with Mr. Rochester against her own will. She wants to be his equal-not dependent on him.
Mr. Rochester: The character that receives the inheritance of Thornfield Hall. He never lives at home because he has a past there that he would rather forget. He is often traveling in England and France. He is rich and handsome and he is a lot more affectionate than men really are (as he is created by a woman).

Jane works as a governess for Mr. Rochester?s supposed daughter. Mr. Rochester is never at the residence because he likes to travel. When Jane finally meets Mr. Rochester she despises him at first, then softens and begins to love him for the exact reasons she hated him in the beginning. He is a wealthy man who is frivolous whereas Jane is frugal. This creates a clash between the two.

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