Princess Elizabeth was born on Sunday, the seventh of September, 1533,

In Greenwich, an estate near London. Her father did not want a daughter he wanted a son to succeed to the throne of England. Anne, Elizabeth?s mom was accused of incest, adultery, and, witchcraft and was arrested a couple years later. Anne was beheaded on Tower Green on May 19, 1536 when Elizabeth was only two years old. In the next six years of her life she had three stepmothers.
Her father King Henry VIII died on January 28,1547 when she was thirteen. After King Henry died Elizabeth?s step brother Edward from Henrys third wife became king. Edward died in 1553 and was replaced by his older half-sister, Mary. Mary wanted to restore Catholicism in England. Elizabeth ?became the focus and beneficiary of plots to overthrow the government and restore Protestantism. Elizabeth was briefly locked up in the Tower of London and just barely missed the fate that happened to her mother (Alice Jagger).? Mary died on the of November 17, 1558.
Elizabeth was now just twenty five years old, and Queen of England. The question every one was asking now

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