What does it mean to be a Profession

What does it mean to be a Profession?
A Profession are individuals that are an expert in a particular field. Being in the military, we serve varieties occupations in different environments, but the most important thing in the Profession of Arms as a Noncommissioned Officers (NCO), that we are leaders to soldiers. As The NCO Creed states, “No one is more professional than I. I am a Noncommissioned Officer, a leader of soldiers”. Not only are we leading soldiers but we are also mentoring soldier to become an expert in their career roles as junior soldiers and become potential Noncommissioned Officers. When you become or about to become a Noncommissioned Officer you will be told that we are The Backbone of the Army. Some may ask why that is, well the reason is because as Noncommissioned Officers we groomed and up hold the standards for soldiers. The Army has regulations, Army Values, Soldier Creed, and The NCO Creed that they want everyone that serving to live by that every day.
Being a Human Resources Sergeant (42A) in the U.S Army, it is important to be a Profession in this career role. Being in the Army you will hear some say that Human Resources keeps the Army going. I myself, believe that this is true not because I work in that career field but because we handle majority of Soldier’s Army records and assist Command Sergeant Majors. There are many tasking that are required from Human Resource Sergeants. Doing the job every day, knowing what has to be done, and what is expected out of Human Resource to accomplish the day to day mission. While working in the Human Resource field there’s no room to slack, due to all the requirements that’s needed, you have to be a flexible also, be able to know what you are talking about and what you are doing. Human Resources deals with Customer Service. Soldiers will come to you for guidance on administrative work as far as questions on their paper works, guidelines on the regulations or getting their military personnel record updated. You want to be an expertise on your job and be knowledgeable because if you do not know the answer to Soldiers situations then they will feel that you are not knowledgeable in the Human Resources career field. Also, there are numerous agencies in the Army that Human Resources assist with that will help that Command Sergeant Major function at the Battalion level and up.