Shop name

Shop name:…………………………………………How old is the shop?
0 – 5
6 – 10
11 – 15
16 – 20
Mark the selected options with tick Strongly disagree Disagree Slightly disagree Strongly agree Agree Slightly agree
Follow up is regularly done by suppliers. We get pediment advices of our suppliers. Suppliers take regular feedback of the stocks. The delivery of stock is in time. Suppliers charges for delivery of stocks. Delivery matched the requirements. The mode of payment is affordable. The time period provided by the suppliers is reasonable. Suppliers ask for bill to bill payment. I want to continue with the suppliers. Suppliers are friendly. Suppliers are always ready to address the problems. The price offered by suppliers is reasonable. The profit margin provided by suppliers is affordable. Festival offer is provided by the suppliers. Suppliers has a reasonable return and exchange policy. Process of claim management is easy. Stocks with expiry date are returned by suppliers. Overall I am satisfied with the service provided by suppliers.

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