On the 9th of April

On the 9th of April, 1998, the day I was brought into this world, I have been given an ascribed status, a social status that was acquired involuntary at birth, as a son and younger brother.
As a part of a functioning society we tend to have several different social statuses that typically defines our positions socially. I always had several statuses previously or widely known as a status set. While advancing throughout my high school years, I retained several statuses that helped me shaped my future. I was a very active member in the Music club, a brother, a best friend and as a student, just to name a few. The statuses that I maintained possess different roles that was clearly defined by an individual and society. Part of myself was involved in upholding those values to guide appropriate behaviors in various situations. For Instance, I was heavily involved in the Music club and was an officer which was a position that I was elected in by my fellow members and teachers based on my ability and performance during my past experiences with school clubs.

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