Invented by Percy Spencer in 1894

Invented by Percy Spencer in 1894, the microwave oven is a very common household appliance that cooks food using radiation. Although many people believe the radiation is harmful, in reality it doesn’t cause any harmful effects to humans or food.
The story goes as so, Percy Spencer was working on magnetrons one day and he realized that the chocolate bar he had was melted. He realized that the electromagnetic waves were generating heat which melted the chocolate bar. Experimenting with this more he tried it with popcorn kernels and an egg, where the kernel popped and the egg exploded. With the newfound information Spencer invented the microwave.
Originally the microwave oven was expensive and inefficient, the new “radiation” method to heat food scared people, even in the modern day some believe that microwave radiation will hurt people and poison food. However as the benefits of the microwave became known over time the amount of people using it increased. Microwaves quickly heat up food and saves significant time to prepare meals. There are many quality of life and productivity benefits. With instant, microwavable meals, people save a lot of time cooking. This helps in the workplace so if an employee is pressed for time they don’t need to skip lunch to finish their work because microwaveable meals take such little time.
Similar to the stove, microwaves also puts radiation into food. The word radiation, though feared, doesn’t have harmful side effects, not even ionizing radiation, which in small amounts can damage DNA. However the food is already dead and the DNA of food doesn’t affect the body.

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