In the last century

In the last century, technology developed rapidly and new technology brought so many benefits to humanity. Since then with the help of advanced innovation, medical term also changed dramatically. One of the significant success in medical term is organ transplantation. Combination of advanced new technology and talented surgeons made the organ transplant possible. Since then Thousands of patients whose are suffering from organ failure and came to the end stage of losing life, got the chance to survive. However, according to the research in 2010 US (Abby, 2011) from 90,000 people on the waiting list only 17,000 got the donor organ for the operation. It’s the same situation globally. The huge gap between the lack of available organs and incredible demands became a universal problem Abby (2011). Despite all the efforts the government undertook to fill up the gap the pressure is still beyond belief. That issue of organ shortage gave an opportunity to the traffickers to form the illegal organ market and harm the innocent poor people. This essay is going to discuss the cause of organ trade that how the misfortunate people got trapped in this crisis, and then will demonstrate how organ trade is affecting the organ receiver and donors finally will analyse some possible solution for this phenomenon.