I declare my independence from all homework

I declare my independence from all homework, and I will no longer tolerate the injustice brought upon me, or my peers.

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When in the course of scholastic events, it is necessary to discontinue some practices that put a limit to the extra curricular activities I, and other students choose to participate in. I am forced to speak out about these practices and rebel for my peers and the greater of humanity. Therefore, I must convey to the faculty the reasons to discontinue the practice of homework, and in doing so, justify the pending rebellion of the masses.

Homework causes much undue stress at an early age, leading to various health conditions, including but not limited to the premature death of many students. Homework causes students to lose countless hours of sleep which has a great affect on my grades and my GPA. It affects our eyesight, spending hours of our time at our computers doing research and typing essays. . It has limited the time I have to work, participate in extracurricular activities and creates a less than friendly student-teacher relationship. Impossible work-loads assigned by the various teachers causes students to miss school in order to try and catch up, overwhelming them, and causing them to dislike school. Sometimes this results in a student dropping out. Even the most brilliant of students have spent countless tears over the daunting amount of homework that has been given.

Assigning homework wastes valuable class time that could be used to lecture and teach the subject matter, sometimes in more detail. Homework prevents me from completing tasks and chores at home. The abundance of homework assigned over the various subjects adds to the excessive amount of time young people spend on their educations. Homework prevents students from spending quality time with their families to complete assignments and gives us little to no social interaction with our peers.s. Truth is, students who are homeschooled spend far less time working on their academics in a day and usually come out farther ahead of those that are in a public school setting. With that fact in mind, one would think that a 7-8 hour school day should be long enough to learn our subject matter.

Therefore, I appeal to the State of Oregon- Department of Education, the Lebanon School District, and the Staff at Lebanon High School. I ask for a stop to the abuse of homework we are forced to do after school; to stop the tyranny. Students can now relax after school and be stress free. Students can develop a social life with their friends and their families.