Greetings, I am pleased to inform you that our company has made a tremendous progress for the previous month sales. The actual sales revenue achieved by our company did not only meet the goal but surpassed it as well. You have efficiently and proactively contributed all of your time and effort to play your role in making that happen and I hope that we can continue climbing upwards because good service always translates into good achievements in sales. I am also very satisfied in the way you work as well.
2. Your contribution in giving the main idea on how to grow our plants in a very creative and organic environment has increased our company’s demand in the market. This in return has successfully delighted our customers and fulfilled their needs. So, as an appreciation towards your contribution, the company has decided to increase 10% of your salary for this month.
3. Before I end, I thank you for sharing your ideas on how to improve our company in many ways in the future.

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