For my science fair project

For my science fair project, I was testing to see how 4 batteries, each with different voltages (1.5V, 3.0V, 4.5V, and 6V), would affect the revolutions per minute (RPM) on a coil motor. My hypothesis was that the highest voltage battery, in this case the 6V, would produce the highest RPM on the coil motor. In order to to make this electric motor, I first wound together a strip of coil with the two ends sticking out. I then got two strips of metal and attached the ends of the coil to it. After this, I wired the 4 different batteries to the metal strip in order to make the coil motor spin. However, I had to have a way to separately turn on each battery to accurately test the RPM of the coil motor. To do this, I acquired for levers, wired them to the batteries which then led to the metal strips that would activate the coil motor. After testing each battery several times I got the results. The results of the equations supported my hypothesis and the highest voltage battery (6V) made the electric coil motor acquire the highest RPM’s.

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