Dashman Company Written Analysis and Communication I Submitted to

Dashman Company
Written Analysis and Communication I
Submitted to: Submitted by:
Prof. Rajkishan Nair Deepanshu Saini
Prof. Economics` PG-20174020
Area Chair, Economics
Date: 16/03/2018
Letter of Transmittal

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Deepanshu saini
IILM Collage of management studies, Greater Noida
March 15th, 2018
Prof. Rajkishan Nair Prof. of economics Area Chair Economics International Business & Public Policy IILM Graduate School of Management, Greater Noida.
Prof. Rajkishan Nair Sir
I submit here with a case report on Dashman Company. This report explains how the make the Dashman Company solve the problem of centralization of the company with all 20 plants of the company
This report contains the detailed work on the situation, the problem, and the option, evaluation of the options, the recommendation, action plan and contingency plan.
Thank you

Dashman Company is producing equipment to arm forces this case deals with the coordination problem of all the 20 plants. All the plants are located in the central part of the country. In late 1940 the company appointed the experienced purchasing executive. MR Post’s first decision was to being centralize the company.
.MR Post’s sand the letter to the entire 20 executive to follow the design that board of director has taken.
Sl.No. Particulars Page No
1 Letter of transmittal (i)
2 Executive Summary (ii)
3 Situation Analysis 5
4 Problem Statement 5
5 The option 5
6 Criteria for evaluation 5
7 The Recommendation 6
8 Action Plan 6
9 Contingency Plan 6
Situational Analysis
Vice precedent hired to Mr Post for the purchasing department. He wants to centralize the purchasing department because all of them are not coordinating with each other. Mr. Post sand the letter to all the executive of varies unites about the change. That if they want to make higher purchase more than $10000 they need to take clearance from the head quarter of the company. They member of the organization has not taken letter seriously. And all 20 plants executive are not excepting the change due to vary reasons. Every plant of the company is making the profits for the organization
Problem Statement
It is very difficult that accept the change immediately to decentralise to centralise.

Every unite is producing different product for the arm forces so every unit having there on requirement accordingly they are purchasing.

The process of clearance after centralisation is time consuming that will affect the process and it may be reduce the profits of that unit.

Mr. Post has been very blunt in communicating the message to all the unites /plants of the company.

May be all 20 plants are coordinating that they are not following the design that taken by the board of director of the company.
This design may be reduce the profits of an individual plant.

The Options
Invite every individual from all the plant for this design making. They might give proper pros and cons of this design.

There should be flexibility of purchasing power according to the plant wise because every plant are producing different equipment accordingly they purchase the product.

VP should tell their members of organisation about the problem which organisation are facing.

Criteria for Evaluation
As it was mention that there was a problem of coordination and they were facing problems in centralisation policy the VP should call the meeting for all the parching department of the units .in that meeting they can tell all the problem of the organisation and VP can explain the problem which organisation is facing. Every member of the organisation can tell all the pros and cons of this policy and they can make a common design and they can build the coordination easily
The Recommendation
The headquarter of the company should do study of every plant that what they are making and how much they purchase on an average and make a policy and make a limit of purchase. They might be agreeing to this policy.

They should make a meeting and invite every purchasing unite of every plant that they should give their opinion on this policy.
Action Plan
Organize a meeting between the people of the purchase department of different units and the VP. In this meeting they can get together and discuss the issue that needs to be addressed.

All parties in this meeting are to come to a consensus about what is the problem facing the organization and what should be the best solution.

The VP along with the assistant should make periodic visits to the plants to make sure that there is proper compliance with the measures finalized in the above mentioned meeting
Contingency Plan
The VP can ask all the transaction to be processed through the head office. The people working in the units of different places they can directly to report directly to the VP and work in tandem with him to ensure that the desired outcome is reached. In this they have no choice they will have to route all the decisions through the head office