Creation stories as we know are mostly based on the information that how the world was created and how life began in this world

Creation stories as we know are mostly based on the information that how the world was created and how life began in this world. Different cultures have different creation stories and they regard them to be true. For instance in Bible, it is stated that world was created by God but in Cahuilla creation story presence of God was not mentioned. So the presence of Divine or Supreme Power is found in some creation stories whereas in others it is completely absent.
Talking about two different creation stories, they mostly deal with the creation of the world but they differ in the way as to how the world was created. For this purpose I am going to discuss two Cahuilla stories by different anthropologists. One is by Lucille Hooper and the other is by William Duncan Strong. These both stories hold some similarities and also differ slightly which are going to be discussed one by one.
If we look at the similarities we will find that in both the stories it was first dark everywhere but because of lightings that struck two boys were born. Those boys argued over various things as to who is the oldest but together they created a world, sun, moon oceans and then some creatures for themselves. One of the boys was thoughtful and the other worked in haphazard way, one went with his creatures inside the earth while other lived on the Earth with his creatures and the description of afterbirth and the illnesses it brings are same. How Mukat made rattlesnake bit others, mistreated the moon and let his creatures kill themselves are also the same in both stories.
However the way different events are mentioned makes the two stories different. It is mentioned differently how these boys were born. One story suggests that two eggs hatched and the boys came out while the other suggests that they were two embryos wrapped in one placenta. The names of the boys also differ in the two stories. For instance according to Hooper the sun Mukat created was too hot to handle that it slipped into the East whereas Strong stated that Tema?yauit created the sun which slipped and disappeared into the darkness. Some instances, places and description of creatures are stated differently in both the stories. Nonetheless, these stories give a message that there is always good and bad in the world. With life, comes death and joy and sorrow goes hand in hand.
As he recounts stories of the sacred places of the Indian Canyons and the Cahuilla people — talking of Tekic, the sacred rock in Andreas Canyon; You koo hul ya me, known as the “place of many brains,” a huge rock formation in Palm Canyon where the heads of the Munalem’s leaders were bashed following one of the few warring periods of the Cahuilla people; and Kow wish so kalet, a huge dome-shaped rock on the ridge south of Cabazon where, it is said, the spirit of Evon ga net still lives — the excitement becomes palpable.

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