Back in time

Back in time, a tradition helped people developed their personalities and find their way. The story also says the tradition could blind those by being destructive and creating victims through social pressure. “The Lottery” Shirley Jackson’s story shows an ordinary village from New England with citizens on a deadly rite. When they have a lottery that means they are sacrificing a victim. Jackson has a proven point about miss Hutchison, the victim in the story. Jackson can keep readers off guard, which details are very presentable. Jackson makes the use of the symbolic names to give the story a universal significance.
When we think of a lottery we are thinking a lottery is winning money but in Jackson’s story the lottery has a different meaning. Miss Hutchinson draws the token and eventually she was urged to do it. No one had sympathy for her when she grabbed the unlucky token they wanted her to be a good sport and accept her prize it was very unfair. Now she was the person who end up getting stoned by the townspeople even her own children are stoning her. The View or perspective of the lottery has a focus on how people are used to the custom that their ancestors created. The whole intentions on lottery refers to scapegoating, which means whoever wins the lottery by drawing the unlucky token will be sacrificed to assure good crops and appease the gods. This a very disturbing story and has a horror feeling.
Before the lottery begins villages will keep their distances away from the stools with black boxes. The Villages hesitates when Mr. Summers asked for help. It wasn’t the reaction people usually gave looking forward to the lottery. It was unexpected that the villagers talk like drawing for the lottery ticket is difficult work, which requires a men to do it. Mr. Summers had asked Janey Dunbar Did you have a grown boy to do it for you? And a young man from the Watson family decided to draw for his family the village praised him for doing it and someone in the crowd yelled ” Glad to see your mom has a men to do it.” The lottery was intense.

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