As a Teaching Assistant

As a Teaching Assistant, we must know the importance of effective communication and how it eventually helps us to develop a positive relationship with children, young people, and adults. Sharing Ideas and thoughts are an essential part of communication. It will help us to have a better understanding and promote respect, confidence and new approach.
Parents and other adults who come into the school are more likely to give beneficial support if communication is strong and effective- this, in turn, benefits pupils. We have to be a model to the children, young people, and adults to promote effective communication and developing positive relationships (1). We can do this by approaching and responding to positive communication, making the children feel comfortable in our presence or while we support them. To be effective communicator and strength positive relationship, we need to think about what we are going to say and how we are going to say it. Communication is a two-way thing, it involves listening and speaking. How we listen to others is important, being emphatic builds good relationship with children and young people, make them feel that you saw their point of view.
Some children may struggle with learning or have confidence issues which can lead to them having communication issues and not want to talk openly with all adults. This means treating that pupil in a calm, positive and general manner could mean the difference between them trusting us or closing down and giving up, but this relates to all students and I believe that all students should be spoken to the way I would want to be spoken to by others and that negative comments or tones would hurt feelings (1).
Relationships with colleagues are not the only adult relationships that support staff will need to develop: Parents are also important and need to communicate with them (particularly in Ks1), maybe on a regular basis, even if it is to just have a quick chat in the playground before or after school. This helps to build relationships with parents over time and develop trust (2)Communication with parents should be in a professional manner, and preferably out of earshot from other parents dropping off or collecting their children from school to maintain privacy and confidentiality.
To establish a professional relationship with parents, it is important to remember, where appropriate, that any issues are written down and communicated to the teacher (2).

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