– Accounting is a crucial aspect to all businesses

– Accounting is a crucial aspect to all businesses, as every profit gaining organisation has an legal duty to produce tax reports, an accountant job would be very hard without a computer. For example, a human error mistake in cash flow data can critically affect the management of a business.

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Biz Brain is one of the most used online accounting and bookkeeping service company, which predominantly uses computer systems to run the accounting sector of several businesses.

– Marketing with image posters or videos are an essential part of every business world, a computer has the capability to edit videos, photo shop images and upload blog posts.

– Storage is crucial, as very large number of files can be stored through a central storage system online, hard drives and USB’s instead of filing cabinets.

– Another perk of a computer is its security, as essential data can be secured with passwords and encryptions, again removing the need for cabinets and keys.
For example in 2015 a warehouse fire destroyed over 1 million court cases files, if this data was stored on a highly secured computer system this would save space and paper.