4. A factor that affects team cohesiveness and performance is the size of the team, if a team is too large then some members of the team may not get the chance to give their say in the discussion, therefore not everyone in the team is involved in the project so the team is not effective. At Joy of Chocolate they use small teams to have good teamwork in the business as this allows the team members to work well together and can trust ones in the team.
3. Team working is important in a business as it puts a group of individuals together to form a unit that will help each other work towards goals and objectives and they will help each other during this. A good team is a team that will work well together and they all know what strengths and weaknesses the members of that team have. A team can also help people feel good when they are at work as they have a shared responsibility and team members can help each other to work towards their goal as a unit and not a series of individuals, this will lead to members of the team trusting one another and feel good about working together as there is someone to help when they get stuck. Team working is used in the case study when Hafiz meets with employees to go over the production for that week, this let the teams understand where they need to improve but it also encourages job enrichment as it allows staff to work harder and become more motivated to work and not just for money.