• Health trend

• Health trend :
The products of Coca Cola company are considered to be bad and harmful for health .They contain a large percentage of sugar .In 2006 , the government agencies of India have claimed that Coca Cola’s products contain pesticides that generate dangerous problem for health and a study in the medical journal ‘The Lancet in 2001 ‘ reveled that the probability of a child to be obese increase greatly with the sugar-sweetened soft drink that he adds to his diet .Furthermore , according to the European journal of Cancer Prevention , drinking regularly soft drinks elevate the blood sugar and insulin levels in the body ,they include high-fructose corn syrup that was linked to the rise of obesity and diabetes .Such publicity can have a big damage to the company in international and growing markets notably with the increasing of consumer awareness of the health problems . In fact, Nowadays we are witnessing enormous changes in attitudes, behavior and societal concerns, people are becoming more aware about health problem and more concerned with a healthy lifestyle.
The consumer awareness of health and obesity problems are considered to be a serious threat to the carbonated drinks company and a big challenge to Coca Cola China industry .A large category of people are shifting their consumption to healthy products and preferring more low-calorie carbonates drink, sports drink, bottled water ,juice and tea .

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