Sheneal Brown 7/29/2018 Mid-Exam What do sociologists mean when they describe deviance as being relative

Sheneal Brown
What do sociologists mean when they describe deviance as being relative? Provide an example of a deviant behavior and identify how it is relative.

Deviance is a hard behavior to comprehend. Everyone in the world experienced or has a part in deviance behavior. There are so many expectations and limit to deviance behavior and how it is judged. In society, deviance is viewed in how they stack up against social norm behavior. But even that is questioned which is why is hard to pin down the qualifications of what deviance behavior is. Such social norms are relative to the person and environment how and deviance be anything other. For example, Robin Hood he steals for the rich and gives to the poor. But social norms Robin Hood stealing is a deviance behavior. But to the poor people that are benefiting from the stolen goods that he is getting from the rich to give to them he is seek as a hero. They don’t see him stealing to help the less fortunate as a deviance behavior. It is seem more as a service to them in a deviant act.

What are deviant places, and how are they associated with deviant acts?
The places that considered deviant, are places that allow for deviance behavior to be exhibited. There are quite a few places where deviance behavior is shown. For instance in poorer neighborhood. There is a theory which basically discusses how a person is more likely to to find a deviant place where criminals and other deviance people resided. People that exhibit deviance behaviors has a reason for it. For example, when you live in a poor community and you struggle to make ends meet in order to have a place to live and be able to eat. The stress could lead to stealing or making a deviance decision in order to have peace of mind about securing another day.

3) Sociologists detail the importance of contextual and social patterns for deviant acts such as abuse, murder, and rape. Choose from abuse, murder, and rape,
and then detail an important social pattern or variation.

4) Compare and contrast two different types of suicide, providing an example of each