More than ever before

More than ever before, it seems like sports pervade our lives, crowding out the other activities we want to do throughout our days. In high school itself, sports takes up much of our time as students: going to practices, cheering other teams on, field day, and listening to announcements about successes from other teams. Even our TV News Team covers sporting events such as football very often. Rick Reilly, in an attempt to reinforce the greatness of sports, uses his career as a sportswriter to advance his cause in his essay, “Why I Love My Job.” Through repetition of key words and phrases as well as the use of inductive reasoning, Reilly is able to convince readers that sports are indeed, an excellent part of life today.
Reilly decides to repeat certain key words and phrases throughout his essay, in order to bring the argument down to a conversational level and help his audience relate to his message. For example, he repeats the word “sports” at the beginning of a majority of his paragraphs, often following with a characteristic of sports that is sometimes extremely obvious or extremely casual. Although Reilly’s writing does yield a down-to-Earth tone, it is quite appropriate for his essay. Readers of a magazine, where this essay was originally published, would rather hear a conversational argument than a speech, which is why Reilly’s repeated phrases make excellent sense here.
In addition, Reilly also employs inductive reasoning in order to make his argument more understandable to readers. Every one of his body paragraphs presents a new piece of evidence that reinforces the beauty of sports. For example, some of Reilly’s body paragraphs discuss the fact that sports cannot be faked, has honor, and is woven into American life. By presenting examples in each paragraph that support each one of these claims, they can then be used as evidence to support the main claim in Reilly’s essay. Therefore, his use of inductive reasoning is extremely important toward advancing the greatness of sports, as it helps make the argument easier to understand for a casual audience.