Justice Hutchison Mr

Justice Hutchison
Mr. Cunningham
Final Paper

Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence is a very important document to the United States. It was an act taken by thirteen American colonies declaring independence from Great Britain. It was originally written by Thomas Jefferson. Later on, Benjiman Franklin and John Adams helps Thomas adopt the final draft on July 4, 1776. This is why July 4th is such a special holiday to us Americans. Fun Fact. Do you know who the first one to sign the Declaration of Independence? The answer is John Hancock.

Sections of the Document
The Declaration of Independence has five parts to it. The first line of it means that when one country breaks down, we should tell people why. (quizlet)The first part of it was our preamble and I am not going to lie I still don’t know it but the preamble is the introduction of the Constitution. The second being the Statement of Human Rights. Third was charges against human rights. Fourth was charges against the king and parliament. The final step is the signatures and separation.

Common Sense Pamphlet
The Common Sense Pamphlet was written by Thomas Paine in 1775. He published this during the American Revolution. The reason he wrote this was to try and show people that become independent was going to pay off in the long run. This pamphlet was sold all across the colonies trying to convince the common individuals that being under British Rule is not what is best for them. According to Paine himself there was 120,000 copies of his pamphlet sold within the first three months and 500,000 sold within that year. This has been the best-selling American Title as of 2006.

The Olive Branch Petition
During around the 1770’s the second continental congress sent a petition asking King George the third to settle their differences without anyone getting hurt and going to war. King George refuses to do things peacefully and wants to go to war because he calls them traitors and will put them to death like they belong. As you can tell King George is a very stubborn man and is not up for negotiating, he wants it done his way and only his way.

What did the Document do for the Common Citizen
The document gave the common citizen the right to vote for government officials and if those officials don’t do their job or the citizens don’t think they are, the citizens have the right to impeach that certain official, alter the law, or make new amendments. Furthermore, the common citizen has to follow all rules and laws or they risk going to prison.