AMINA HAROON /June 26, 1995 / Applying to PhD, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIIT Delhi.

“And when your journey seems too hard, you might say to yourself: Yes, we can”

Barack Obama
Commencement Address, Howard University, 2016
Ever since I could remember I always had a thirst to learn/do something new. Books have always been my companion for as long as I can remember, I happen to take solace in stories and time only led to refine my taste. As Zora Hurston once said” Research is a formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose”. Electronic Devices and circuits is one of the industries that had gotten a firm hold on our lives and the need to get better and faster systems is what derived me to pursue research in the field of Microelectronics. I am of firm conviction that facilities at your institution will help my endeavor towards realizing my goal.

In my Senior year, Graduation, I worked on “Dye Sensitized Tio2 Based Solar Cell” (DSSC). The project was done using two methods, SOL-GEL and Hydrothermal method. A thorough analysis of Optical is done via various tests including FTIR,XRD and UV Vis Absorption Spectra analysis and for Electrical properties, dielectric constant and dielectric loss are measured using a parallel plate capacitor, assembled using the synthesised sample of DSSC. Furthermore, the final phase of the project consisted of fabrication of Solar Cell.

Currently, I am working on my M. Tech project, intended towards the “Design and Optimization of Power SemiDevices using ATLAS Device Simulation”. In this I performed a detailed study of Power Semiconductor devices. Since there is a strong relationship between On-Resistance and Breakdown parameters (also known as Silicon Limit), so a trade off have to be made in order to optimise the performance. That’s where the Super Junction concept was introduced in 1970’s and has evolved ever since. My intention is to introduce further changes in the conventional structure and to collate the findings.

During my active engagement in these projects, I developed a keen interest in Solid State Electronic Devices and circuits, Integrated Electronics and Circuit and IC fabrication technology and device characterization. Hence, my desire to pursue Postgraduate studies in order to gain profound insight in these areas.

I wish to undertake my Postgraduate studies at your prestigious university, which has the best of facilities. I think yours is the place that would suite my interests and aspirations the best.
Thank you for considering my candidature as a prospective Post graduate student.