Individual staff conduct majorly affects whether dangers to patients’ nobility

Individual staff conduct majorly affects whether dangers to patients’ nobility, for example, parts of the hospital facility condition and patients’ hindered well-being, really prompt loss of dignity. The hospital facility condition could be exceptionally helpful for respect yet the conduct of individual staff with singular patients will in any case unequivocally impact these patients’ encounters of respect. Staff conduct has an especially solid impact about whether patients lose dignity or not during intimate care. For patients to feel that their dignity is well taken care of, the staff should communicate in a way that helps patients to feel great, in charge and esteemed.
With regard to the situation presented in this case study; there are a lot of violations of the code of ethics and regulations that govern the conduct of nurses and their respective observances in their duty that leads to the law of malpractice, misconduct, or breach of duty by a professional that results in injury/damage to a patient (Reising ; Allen, 2007). To prove malpractice, there are 4 elements that must be proven by the plaintiff: the nurse had a duty to the patient, the nurse breached the duty, a patient injury occurred, and there was a causal relationship between the breach of duty and the patient injury (Reising, 2012) According to Reising and Allen, common malpractice claims arise against nurses when nurses fail to:
• Assess and monitor.
• Follow standards of care.
• Use equipment in a responsible manner.
• Communicate.
• Document.

The fact that the nursing student has been in placement and has gone through nursing classes should have an extensive knowledge on the code of conduct that should be observed (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, 2017). The nursing student breached into the registered nurses act that gives an overview of the codes of conduct and behavioral consideration of nurses and the nurses to be. Therefore, the student nurse did not operate within this act. Additionally, civil liability act is also an involved law that states that the nursing student should prevent any harm towards the patient. The student also breached the nursing and midwifery board act of Australia by slapping the patient (Tarling, 2016).