I shall discuss the identifiers for development of team competencies

I shall discuss the identifiers for development of team competencies, followed by the activities which can develop team competencies.

Activities such as a completing a Team Skill Matrix, Training needs Survey, Annual Appraisals, 360 Peer Reviews, and even Line Manager to employee One-to-One meetings, will help identify specific areas for employee development. Alerts to issues such as team failures to meet KPIs or other deliver organisational requirements will flag that there could be a need for improvement. The reasons of which could be down to team members requiring support.

Activities to develop and support team competences include but are not limited:

Team Meetings – Exposure to team meetings will improve individuals understanding of work issues and decisions. They will learn and develop an understanding of the rationale, motivations behind such decisions, which will be applied when they contribute to the meetings.

Team Briefings – provides a timely, clear, open channel of face-to-face communication. Competency standards and goals are defined as well as issues which could adversely affect the competencies can be discussed and addressed in an open dialogue.

Team Member Peer Review – Is a peer, quality control, scrutiny of work practises which leads to shared understanding on competency standards, and what is needed to achieve them for the reviewee.

Team Appraisals – Provides information to help improve the performance, increase efficiency and better define expectations of team objectives.