The truth is no one really knows how the future will unfold

The truth is no one really knows how the future will unfold. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a dream or a hope; it just means you shouldn’t waste your time in wondering instead of working hard towards a goal. According to Strength Finder Survey, “Achiever is known for having great stamina for hard work”. I wasn’t surprised after taking the Strengths Finder Survey to get achiever as one of my top themes. For example, I have always worked harder than most of my friends growing up. I remember reading out loud in fourth grade and I couldn’t pronounce the word “choir” and people laughed at me. But instead of taking it personally I would go to my second-grade teacher to help me with basic vocabulary. Finally, the next year I was able to read and make honor roll; you would have never known I had been in America for only 7 months.
In additional to working hard, I have discovered at a young age that being consistent and focused will help me fulfilling my goals. For example, learning to read and write doesn’t happen overnight; it takes a lot of discipline and consistency to become a successful reader. I used to read every morning well my mother combed my hair. In elementary school, I use to dislike reading out loud because I didn’t sound like everyone else. I used to always compare myself to other people and beat myself up about something I couldn’t change. I accepted that the process of learning how to read at older age was a step-by-step process. Evidently, my teacher started to notice my improvement in class.