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April 28, 2018
Cars Accidents
The world would be an enormously enhanced place if there were fewer car collisions. Car crashes happen each day and every now and again these days. They leave torments for the setbacks’ families. Various people envision that they will never get connected with car collisions. They don’t wear their seat straps, they drive in the wake of drinking, and they use their telephones while driving. They do each one of these things without the scarcest faltering, yet every one of these things is preventable. No one grasps what will come to pass later on except for God; along these lines, they should reliably stay scared. People don’t comprehend that doing those minor things cause those genuine torments or even passings CITATION Tra l 1033 (Companies).

There are many causes of deadly road collisions, such as drug abuse and a lack of concentration. Around 1.3 million of drivers around the world are killed in car accidents yearly which comes to an average of three thousand people killed a day in traffic accidents. Due to an increase in accidents the last few years, driving has become more dangerous as shown by the increase in fatalities. It is highly recommended that we can decrease its danger by the participation of both government and individual; we can easily overcome this potential problem.

One major cause of increasing collisions rate is driving under the influence of alcohol and driver’s drug abuse. Over 25% percent of fatal accidents are due to drug use. From 1995 to 2013, over 29% of fatalities were caused by alcohol-impaired driving crashes (Roadway Fatalities by Substance Type). There is a lot of people who use drugs for treatment purposes, However, these drugs have side effects such as slowing reaction time, decreasing coordination, and impairing the judgment of time and distance. “Studies have shown more than one-third of adult drivers and half of the teenagers confess to having driven drunk and not being detected”. (Alonso)
Reckless drivers are inattentive to how risky to be behind the wheel is when being under the influence of alcohol; they think that because they have not been involved in a serious traffic accident, they are immune from its harm. However, they are risking their lives and other drivers lives which is why we should take into the account. To reduce accidents caused by drivers under the influence of alcohol police should be stationed near establishments that serve alcohol such as bars, restaurants to check on drivers.

Distraction is one major accidents causes. This includes the use of phones or drinking while driving. Texting and driving are six times more likely to get a driver in an accident than drunk driving; it causes accidents which are not supposed to occur due to small errors. According to Scariest Texting and Driving Accident Statistics, “more than 37,000 people die in automobile crashes in the United States every year”. Therefore, there should be a more serious punishment to those who are distracting themselves by any mean so that drivers avoid distraction. This will help in utilizing both hands and therefore drivers will improve reaction time.
Simple errors can also cause collisions. For example, not to stop in the intersection lanes. This small error might not be deadly, but it can lead to a serious injury. These common errors are emphasized to new drivers by state DMVs through online reading courses to increase awareness and decrease accident rates. However, new drivers are more likely to be susceptible since they might not recognize that they are in the intersection road due to lack of experience. Therefore, it is recommended that transportation ministry create driving schools to help drivers to help drivers improve their skills.
Special training is very crucial for new drivers. The danger of making accidents increases under hazardous conditions such as heavy raining, sleeting, and snowing since roads to become more slippery and limit visibility for drivers. The risk increases in not only making tragic accident but also being involved in an accident. In the slippery road, it is difficult to control the car especially when pressing the brake; after pressing the brake, the car might still be moving which can hit other cars in the same lane.
Defective cars parts including the tires, brakes, and lights might cause serious accidents since it affects driver’s ability to maintain control their vehicles. Also, functioning some of the safe products in the vehicles incorrectly, such as warning lights may also lead to tragic accidents. According to a study by the Department for Transport in the UK (2005) collisions that caused from the vehicle, defects accounted for only 1.5% of total accidents. Braking systems failure is identified as most common defects. Therefore, it is very important that drivers inspect and maintain the defective parts including tires, lights, and brakes
Sometimes drivers cannot avoid any of the crashes even if they are professional which makes driving dangerous and any small error could cost someone lose his life. However, we can reduce its danger when it has already happened by teaching drivers how to react to serious injuries by adding a free, first-aid course for those seeking a driver’s license. In the last few years, statistics show that “road collisions are the second leading cause of death for people between the ages of 5 and 29 and third leading cause for people between 30 and 44”. In addition, deaths caused by car crashes will become the second most common cause of death because there are only a few people who have enough knowledge to aid an injured person. Many of them are majoring in medical fields. Therefore, when someone is bleeding to death, people are more likely to just wait until assistance arrives reducing the injured person’s chance of survival.
Another way to increase the chance for the person to be saved is to create a lane for emergency vehicles instead of making drivers pull off. Every minute is significant for an injured person. The faster he or she receives aid, the higher the chance of survival. According to “The Impact of Rapid Incident Detection on Freeway Accident Fatalities” that a study shows
that decreasing accident response time by 60 seconds correlates to a six percent difference in the number of lives saved. Therefore, having a specific lane for emergency vehicles fast the emergency response to reduce the amount of time it takes to reach the incident.
A new study shows that technology and its improvement can be used to increase driving safety. According to Auto from The Economic Times, engineers are working on self-driving cars that communicate with each other for smoother operation. The process includes using GPS coordinates and speed data. These new cars will rely more on new-age sensor technology. It focuses on detecting objects on the road (e.g., pedestrians and bicycles) within its proximity and adjusts the car’s speed accordingly. (Future technologies to avoid car crash)
Human error can be avoidable since now engineers are developing automated car-accident detection. These cars are connected through wireless signals with the emergency stations to decrease the timing required for information including the location. Improvements made to new technology aim to decrease the number of car accident fatalities by saving lives. A project is currently underway called “E-Call” which would help deliver rapid assistance to motorists involved in accidents. The project involves installing boxes in vehicles to alert local emergency agencies of crash-sensor information and the GPS coordinates of an accident. Developers claim the system could cut response time by ten minutes on average—it is expected to reduce fatalities by 10 % (Focus New technology to reduce road accidents).

Another major problem for road tragic accidents identified in this report is the lack of experience and lack of training for drivers regarding the multifaceted duties drivers must perform. For instance, different transport big vehicles, trucks, deliver huge vans and buses have multifaceted characteristics and therefore drivers should have specific competencies. Because technology is developing, drivers, in general, must be trained frequently to use the new technologies, as well as to maintain controlling vehicles equipped with new technologies. Truck drivers drive thousands of miles yearly, regardless the tough circumstances that require specific talents. Since drivers are often taking the responsibility for transporting securing the loads, they need to be trained to perform these tasks safely. Therefore, regular training regarding loading and unloading, and safe carriage of goods should be provided for drivers.

Also, the most obvious reason for increasing the number of fatalities is the unavailability of the first aid provision that is due to the delay in the information of the accident to reach to the ambulance or to an emergency station. After some drivers pass the required course containing safety instructions and obtain their driver’s license, they start to be ignorant; they break rules assuming accidents will not occur. In another word, they are apathetic towards the consequences of being injured or killed in an accident.

There is no basic or particular answer to the issue of car accidents. Every one of us simply needs to keep the essential principles and laws. Individuals should know about mischances at whenever and anyplace. People can’t take care of this issue. We as a whole need to take a shot at it as one country to fathom it. Just a single or two individuals keeping the notices in their psyche won’t help that much to keep the mischances. Everybody ought to obey and take after the tenets. That is the reason there are rules, to keep them. In any case, individuals ponder the movement laws. They simply think driving as their day by day schedule. This mixed up thought would lead them as well as other individuals to death CITATION Dia01 l 1033 (Diane Poole Heller).
To be stricter so individuals would take the laws, I figure we should raise the fines for not keeping the laws. For instance, individuals who cross the midlines, individuals who pass the red lights, individuals who litter out the window, and so on. They all should pay the fines with an inner voice. There are some cops’ flaws as well, however, it isn’t right for us to pay off at the primary spot. We should take duties regarding what we’ve done and paid them. Something else we can do is to put more cameras making a course for taking more photos of the individuals who accelerate over the breaking point. We can put cautioning indications of cameras to enable the general population to remain frightened. At that point, the teenagers would not race any longer, and the grown-ups would not drive quickly for any reason. Every one of the drivers ought to have a rest like clockwork. Individuals should ride on the trains, boats or planes for long treks. Drivers ought to get enough rest or rest before they drive. They ought not to go for a long excursion after substantial heaps of work. These can keep the weakness of driving for a long time. We should educate about auto collisions, and about its results all the more regularly in school. So we can demonstrate the understudies how risky car accidents can be CITATION Fay18 l 1033 (Richardson).
I know individuals don’t wish to get associated with car accidents, yet individuals don’t consider it important until the point when they really get included. The issue would not be explained until the point that the drivers take moves and individuals make the notices genuinely. Fines and policing would not explain everything in light of the fact that individuals would just back off before the cameras, and cops. They would accelerate again when nobody is viewing. In the event that this proceeds with like this, nobody can comprehend it. The arrangement exists in our heart and genuineness.
With a specific end goal to diminish the number of auto collisions, drivers need to center, safety belts must be worn, and nobody should drive inebriated – tipsy driving. Likewise, the driver must know about the tenets of the street and take legitimate care of his/her vehicle. By not driving inebriated, focusing out and about, and routine auto reviews, numerous wounds, including passings can be dodged. Likewise, driving is a benefit, it isn’t a right. In this way, it ought not to be dealt with dainty lives are in danger. Car accidents can be maintained a strategic distance from if the correct safeguard is taken.

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