To whom it may concern

To whom it may concern;
Dr. Holmgren supervised my honours project. Her guidance, support, and connections allowed me to be successful throughout the process. I am writing this letter in support of Dr. Holmgren’s nomination for the Undergraduate Research Supervision Award.

I wrote my honours thesis on wrongful convictions. It was called “Characteristics of Wrongful Conviction Cases in Canada”. The aim of the paper was to better understand characteristics of wrongful conviction cases. My honours thesis had two main components. The first component was based on a collection of 45 cases of wrongful convictions compared with ten cases involving people claiming to be wrongfully convicted. This section looked at various demographic factors and other factors that each case contained.
The second component of my project focused on both eyewitness issues and crimes that were later found to not have happened. These two subjects were selected based on the information gathered in the first portion of the research. This second section explored further factors and theories relating to both of these subjects. This section also discussed specific cases relating to the two main subjects.

Once I completed the work, Dr. Holmgren helped me submit the paper to Innocence Canada. Innocence Canada showed some interest, but the paper was too long. Dr. Holmgren encouraged me to write a shorter piece that would be considered for publishing on the Innocence Canada website. Without Dr. Holmgren’s connections and expertise, this would not have been possible.
Not only did Dr. Holmgren assist me with and encourage me to explore publishing and furthering my research after I had completed my research, she also connected me with Innocence Canada while I was writing my paper. This was valuable for me because it gave me a connection to a group that helped me understand the importance of my research. It also provided an opportunity for me to make further connections with a group that is closely connected to wrongful convictions in Canada.

Dr. Holmgren is deserving of the award because of her commitment to her undergraduate honours research students. She was able to provide further opportunities for publishing and research. With her help and support, I feel confident that one day I would be able to take this work further, if I choose to pursue a masters degree.
Even though I have not pursued further post secondary education, this research project helped me get my current job. I am currently working in corrections, but my employer stated that a contributing factor for choosing me as the successful candidate was my research and work with wrongful convictions. This work would not have been possible without Dr. Holmgren.

Overall, Dr. Holmgren and her knowledge, expertise, and connections were essential for my success. She has a vast knowledge about research, in general, and wrongful convictions, specifically. She was always willing to share her knowledge and expertise. She encouraged independent thinking, but always made sure to provide the necessary guidance for the paper. She is an excellent candidate for this award.

Andrea Rowland