Those people couldn’t see advantage of social media including effective management and protect individual privacy

Those people couldn’t see advantage of social media including effective management and protect individual privacy. This is the main part of the society and predict the trend of future. Nobody can foresee the Internet has completely changed the way about people communicate, it is so powerful, with fast speed, uncountable date. The only way can survival in the world is go with the tide and learn to use it wisely. (Kappel,2012). In addition, social media not only will not harm personal privacy, but also protect individual. Part of the disclosure of personal privacy means that social media needs more regulation and regulation, but this does not obliterate its effective management of information resources.

Nobody can ignore social medial bring so much benefit for human life,it can moderate social relations through three ways.First of all?Social media moderate society by helping people build contact with each other. Shoot forward before social media appeared,the only way for community is face-to-face,in that time the world is divided. According to Fleck(2015,PP.135-142) mentioned, Social media applications range from access to urban areas or remote areas,It’s a big step to connect world for these depressed area and encourage social group to support. On the other hand, Build related parties cooperation can promoting social development. For instance,consumer be able to interact with companies such as user comments, this comments can help companies make predictions to produce products that are more accord with consumers’ favour. Also, the companies can get more profit and achieve a total win. There is a best way to contact between consumer and enterprise. Basically build contact, Social division of labor will be more effective. Young people are given more opportunities to make rational use of social resources rather than just follow the traditional career orientation. For example, there have many entrepreneurial opportunity for young people when they effective use of social media to observe the world, as Park(2017,PP.1-16) said: “Social media platforms are an indispensable part of entrepreneurship practices”. The implication is obvious, social media is not only technical to collect parameters but also use to predict and guide the next step.