The American Revolutionary War began on April 19

The American Revolutionary War began on April 19, 1775. It all began because Britain was taxing on everything, such as, playing cards, writing paper, but colonies were not receiving and representation in the British Government. There are many reasons why the Americans won the war, starting with the fact it was United States, Kingdom of France, Spain, Dutch Republic, and Vermont Republic- versus Great Britain and Loyalist. Britain was fighting at the end of a long communication line, this was basically a set up for miscommunication and coordinating forces difficultly.
Another big downfall? The enormous cost of drawn out, protected war, when Britain was still recovering (money wise) for the Seven Years War. The indomible spirit of the Continental Army and its commander, George Washington. Defeated often, but never beaten, he continued to husband his forces, training them, begging food and supplies for them from the congress, and while they were generally not as equal of the British ot Hessian forces, they were able to pull a number of stunning victories.