staffs. Eye contact is a personal aspect of communication, by not maintaining an eye contact may appear rude or uninterested. It is a way of encouraging communication. Body language and facial expressions is more important in maintaining effective communication than other forms of communications. It is easy to tell by facial expression and body language if someone is saying one thing and clearly mean another, it will be easy to spot it for examples if someone is upset and distressed. We should ensure that our body language is encouraging for the person to communicate at the pace that they need to. Our hands should not be crossed, we should sit straight face who is talking to us.
Paraphrasing was used in the role play when demonstrating appropriate communication skills. This is done by repeating what was being said to reassured individuals that a complaint was understood and necessary action will be taken. In the role play, health and safety officer repeated what the manager says and decided to take further investigations. Reflection strategy was used in other for the manager and health and safety officer to understands the client feelings and what can be done to prevent the situation from reoccurring. They decided to take further investigation based on the client’s mother aggression and carer incompetency for not keeping accurate documentation of tasks given and unable communicating verbally through handover.