SS5.1-1- 1.2 – Explain how partnership work can positively support assessment process

There will be occasions where working with others is appropriate in the assessment process. These can include:

Previous agencies – may be able to share information from previous assessments and findings to give a base of where to start from. It may include preferred routines, likes and dislikes and give the information to make a transfer of care run smoothly with minimal interruption to the individual.

Healthcare professionals – people such as OT’s, mental health, district nurses or other health professionals can help to give a holistic approach regarding the health and physical needs of the client. This may be from prescription medicines to providing detailed guidelines for specific manual handling techniques suited to the individual.

Advocates – are an important part of the process, where required or where wished advocates can assist the individual to communicate their preferences and requirements and support them to be an integrated part of developing and assessing their needs.

Family members – can provide invaluable support and detailed backgrounds to allow a more in depth assessment to be held.

There are many others who may be involved in the assessment process, social workers may request to be part of the initial assessment and provide their own summary of findings on referral. When information is gained from all areas this can help to develop a holistic and detailed overview of the care requirements which enables a fully comprehensive plan to be written.