Promote how communication in health

Promote how communication in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings
4222 – 301
1.2 explain how communication affects relationships in in the work setting.

In order to work correctly with children, young people and their families, and plan to meet these individuals needs, it is important to get a good relationship with different organisations. Support workers who have good communication skills are more likely to have good relationships with parents, children and others. This is because relationships are influenced by facial expressions, ways that we listen and talk back, and also body language. Some communication skills will have an impact on the relationships I have with children that I work with and also the team I work with, and other organisations. Within my setting of work before coming on shift, the team will receive handover, this will give the team any important information about the day, like incidents that the children have had or any sanctions. There is also a communication book which team can right any queries they have or also anything that is relevant that the whole team need to know.