popular engine after Google

popular engine after Google. It is originally from MSN Search and updated since 2009. First, Bing looks at the body of content, keywords, examine a particular search phrase within the content, find the value of relevance information and determines a page’s content and reliability. Marketers can use the hashtags and look for the newest keywords from then can add the appropriate content with higher ranks on the search engine to reach audience. (Garner, 2013b, p.77)
The crucial mission of the marketer is to be active on the network to be up to date with the users’ newest search keywords. From there, he can identify and point out the target groups of customers and generate the right content for each certain group. (Garner, 2013b, pp.57-59) Content developing
This section is about to build a relevant and abundant content based on data collected from the previous step. There are obviously many approaches to develop contents and, in this thesis, the author will focus on a familiar method which is a combination of two elements: headline and SEO Copywriting guide.
Headline is the message: According to Clark (2006), the 80/20 rule is the most famous truth of user reading habit. He stated that on average, there are 8 among 10 internet readers will read only the headline and only 2 amongst that will be likely to move to the content of the message of a news. Without the interesting headline, the rest will probably not be read. The key feature which highlight the unique of the content is its headline, stated Garner (2013b, p.89). As a consequence, the headline is the most important part of any piece of content – whether it is a article, newsletter, sales copy, blogs or just a message.
It is no doubt that the marketer must be creating a winning headline to steer the reader from message to message. By following the 6-step method, it guarantees the marketing content will be along with a winning headline: (According to public writings)
1. Understand the product/ message/ content thoroughly. It is important to understand the target group also. Once the marketer well controls both size, the headlines created will perfectly target the emotions of the readers.
2. Write an outline of the ad first and then the headline.
3. Try to be creative with some other different headlines.
4. Find the most important benefit that company wants to share to customers and include it to the headlines.
5. Include the product with the headlines.
6. Select the best simple headline which contains all and enough information.
Be notice that the headline should be simple as simplicity is clear and the best. Readers might be just confused with complex headlines and might walk away from the content no matter what.
SEO Copywriting for the content: Here are two questions that the author will address in order to clarify the SEO Copywriting for the content:
What is SEO Copywriting and Why is it important?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. And improving your SEO strategy is meant to the actions taken to assure your website can be found in a search engine’s results page (SERP) when customers searching for keywords or key phrases which are related to the content on company’s website. SEO copywriting can be understood as a form of online writing to support your contents have:
• Contains keyphrases – keywords that the internet users used when they want to search for information
• Support to rank up the content in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
• Increase qualified traffic to your site based on your goals.
To optimize the content marketing, the marketers always need to remember to include some of the relevant search keywords that decided to deliver to the readers/clients. It is essential to share the content from the company website or blog to boost the SEO. As there is a connection between social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and so on, if a content is shared to those above channels, it helps Google to index it faster.
One of the most important thing is that the content and content and the headlines must be consistent; otherwise, search engines will crawl out the inconsistency and drive users to another site. It is vital to note that content needs to read naturally so that it should be natural looking in the content. (CopyBlogger, 2014, pp.33-38)
Keyword frequency: although the content always needs to position something or some message from the marketer, its necessary to avoid keyword stuffing as search engines will understand that they are trying to manipulate the ranking by repeating the keywords. With a percentage higher than 5,5% the content will be low down in the ranking. (CopyBlogger, 2014, pp.33-38).
Apart from content and keyword frequency, another factor which affect the SEO copywriting is link building. Basically, this means having a good site to site relationship through links. When the company has more quality websites linking to home website, search engines will know that your website content is highly trustfully associated to other websites. Your website then is reliable and trusted and will automatically have a higher position in the results of user searching. Building the publishing and conversational platforms
In this step the marketer needs to choose which channels is most reasonable to publish the content and commit the engagement to the audience. It is important to say that the channels have to be smartly selected to assure that the content will go to the right target group. To be more detailed, it is not always that the content should be published in the big-four of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+); it must depend on the content and the target group of the company. It can be explained as although the content is not on the big four, but they still have the privilege of a group where members are from the target groups and they are interested in the products that the marketers are aiming. (Garner, 2013b, pp.63-67).

The above table is a research carried out by HubSpot pointing out the most important and effective channels that are useful for business. Of those channels, company blog is cited by 85% of business as critical, important, and useful to business. In other words, blog is the most effective way to deliver the content marketing to the users; followed by the big four social media channels LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
In conclusion, one of the biggest advantages of content marketing is it improve the brand reputation by building trust through content marketing. It is vital that building trust would help the firms to establish a brand reputation to customers. As the users will be affected directly or indirectly from other sites when they visit, the more value you can provide in your page, the easier it will hold the users. Marketers should distinguish the difference between traditional marketing and content marketing.
Marketers should follow three above-mentioned steps to build competitive strategy for company content marketing plan:
• Keyword research: know how to use the search engines to seek for the most popular trend/keywords that the users are searching.
• Content planning: Follow the SEO copywriting to create a winning headline and body content. They must be consistent and avoid keywords stuffing.
• Platform developing: select the correct networks for publish the content.

2.4 Internet marketing
Today, with nearly half the world’s population wired to the internet, the ever-changing increasing connectivity has changed the traditional thinking to online thinking. Many kind of business types must change itself to adopt with this trend. Seemingly, with every single day passing, a new approach is born to revolutionize the entire business environment. In order not to be isolated to the trend, marketing focus now is also swiftly taking steps to move from traditional marketing thinking to online marketing.
There is a fact that customers in this time are very familiar and sensitive with the internet. They prefer to seek for the needed information before actual purchasing; let imagine if you company information is not available on the internet or somehow your website ranking is too low, there is almost no chances for customer to access to your brand. That explains why online presence is even more important than actual presence in this era of technology. Online marketing is crucial as it aligns with the way customers make their buying process. According to Gatner, the number of consumers who are using the internet and social media to look for and even make their own research, comparison between alternative brands is surprisingly increase. Therefore, internet marketing opens a big chance for even small-sized firms to reach and build relationship with target customers globally with a minimal cost.
As stated in section 2.2.1 The importance of content marketing, traditional marketing thinking is only focusing on reaching potential clients by advertising with flashing and interesting images. Those could be an advertisement on the TV, a beautiful image of video on the website, etc., its purpose is to get as many as possible customers and place in their mind the company/products image. This old tool is not longer successful in the world’s digital revolution as it does not go with customer’s buying process and they will soon leave after getting bored; whilst modern online marketing tool is to earn a place in customers mind by nurturing a sustainable connection and communication. Online marketing can be conducted via various platforms like website, blogs and social media channels. (Eve 2011, 7-8)
In today’s digital world, an attractive and functional website is essential and indispensable to a business, no matter it is big or small size. Without a website or if a company website’s content is not up to date, then probably the company will be losing great opportunities for approaching potential clients. Reality has demonstrated that websites can be useful in many ways to carry company strategies. Thanks to the significantly swiftly development of information technology, modern websites now can not only contain all needed information of the company but also consist of many different interesting social media contents which can help to improve the communication and connection with customers. In order to raise the effectiveness of this internet marketing channel, website contents, therefore; need to be updated and refreshed frequently. (Juslén 2011, 59-60).
Increasing company visibility is one of the striking point that makes website become important. Imagine if customers somehow have heard about the company, they may start searching for the information online first to research and make the comparison.
Usability and accessibility are key factors for the company website survival. Standing on the customer’s side, information and communication technologies allow them to access the information they want in a convenient way. From the point of view of the marketer, different tools enable marketing creators to deliver the contents and strategies with various and interesting channels. Consequently, both clients and company can benefit from the provision of interactive assistance and information displaying.
According to Kim (Kim, al. 2007, p 431). In today’s enormous challenging, successful companies are required to pay more attention on website content and focus on customer segments. An effective website is not only deliver relevant information to the target group, but also increase the company visibility and trustworthy in customer’s eyes. To clarify, a high ranked website certainly will build up a high and beautiful image for the company and turn it into a competitive advantage. There is one point that needed to be noticed. Company website is existing for the purpose of serving customer searching process; hence, company should put efforts to not only deliver the right information but also in the ways information are displayed. (Eve 2011, pp.84-85)

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