Nevertheless, not everybody is good to take self-regulated learning since motivation plays a very important part towards the results. Self-regulated learning is applicable for students with high self-effective level and do not dither to be involved in the task by exerting attempts as well as being persistent. Further, students have motivational purpose orientation for instance mastery against performance purpose. This rather determines the type of self-regulated methodology applied and how efficient it is. Thus, motivational factors can be considered a proximal analyzer of self-regulation in performance.
The development of parenting style is used to hold normal differences in parent’s endeavors with an attempt of controlling and socializing with their children concurrently. Parenting is universal development with a reflection of the general tone of the parent to child correlations. It highlights two main aspects of parenting: parental response and demand. Demand refer to avows that parents exerts on children to become incorporated family member by their mature demands, good conduct attempts, control and willingness to face a child who disrespects. In tandem, parental response is the exercise whereby parents deliberately promote individuality, self-regulation, assertion, encouragement and accepting children’s unique requirements and demands.