My name is Rohit Tagala resident of Delhi belong to a very supportive and educated family

My name is Rohit Tagala resident of Delhi belong to a very supportive and educated family. I have applied for a student visa to pursue Master of Global Management at Royals Road University, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I have completed my bachelor of technology in 2014 with first division. After that I am having working experience in my relevant field till date. While searching for overseas studies, I visited various websites such as, etc which gave much exposure related with academic structure in Canada. I studied about Royals Road University that stands among the top 90 Universities in Canada. This University is located in Victoria, BC and offers ample of academic courses for the international students.
I have chosen Master of Global Management as I believe that this program will be a solid step towards obtainment of any ambition in business and management. Having seen through the course outline in details, I found a solid relationship between what it offers and my interests in business technology & operations, supply chain management. Anyone with high goals in the business world must have an international perspective and be aware of the realities of different international arenas. Being with a bachelor in a technical field and having experience in my field did not serve my purpose of attaining more and therefore I started looking forward for a course which provide management skills. While working, I realized that I need to have management skills in order to succeed in today’s corporate world, as I only have technical skills. Moreover RRU’s Master of Global Management consists of subjects which will surely help me in my future career. It will provide me strong management skills which will help me to succeed in any business globally. In this program I will be having four applied completion options which are Global management project, internship research project, Graduate Certificate in project Management or MGM + MBA international dual degree. These all four options will provide me application of business knowledge to real world situations. I can choose any of these options during my program. Hence, a qualification in management with these specializations is rare to find in any other university and therefore a becomes a major reason to choose MGM and RRU as my first preference.
I worked as a Production engineer at Intex technologies and OPPO Mobile communication Limited and have an experience of more than three years. I have traveled with all my managers in various company overseas (mostly china) in order to expand the company’s market value.I was impressed by their international style of thinking and acting and their strong awareness of global business. My association with these managers has inspired me to pursue a career in MGM. International business in today’s economy requires professionals to have a perspective informed by practical experience and academic awareness — the ideal combination of job-ready skills necessary to manage and lead in the complex and diverse. I’ll have the opportunity to observe and learn from and about diverse cultures, including my own, while acquiring the knowledge and understanding needed to work effectively within uncertainty and ambiguity. Further, being an engineering student, mathematics was a compulsory subject and having an electronics engineering qualification, I already dealt with digital systems etc.
I will be in a different country and obviously that will provide me an international exposure and as I am there to study, I will learn from each and every aspect I could so anything do get missed. I will gain all
skills, get more information practically from my instructors, my fellow beings and will try to adapt all newly learned things in my professional life. All teachers are committed to provide their students with the highest possible quality education. They rigorously focus on their classrooms, curriculum, academics, and other aspects of their students’ education. But there are ways that every single teacher can enrich their students’ lives beyond the impact they have on them through day-to-day instruction. Everyone is good at something. Teachers are good at a lot of things, like, they know how to motivate students. But what I notice is that even though I work hard to be good at every aspect of my Academic and Professional life but there are just some things others can do better. Some colleagues are really creative with the projects they contrive for other colleagues. Students come to school for an academic education, but they inevitably receive much more. The professional staff students see every day provides them with an example of what a responsible, professional adult should be like. Also, staff interactions with one another should consistently remain positive and professional.
Self-reflection and previous professional experience helped me think about what I am bringing to the program, why that makes me unique, and what past events shaped my work and education experiences. For example, I started off as a Production Engineer. I started thinking about how I could contribute more so I also take up into a new model production. The working experience I acquired in undergraduate school and at work was unique to me and I thought it might be something valuable that I could bring to the program. I knew I could talk about problem solving real-world cases for a particular user problem to get the right outcome when producing a product into the market for the millions of consumers around the globe.
After completing my education from Royal Road University, I want to work as a manager in a multi-national company. What’s important to me is continuing to learn new things, get better at what I know and progress in my career at a reasonable pace. Working with sophisticated professionals is also crucial as I feel like I’m at my best when working with other high quality people. This opportunity is appealing to me because of the complex nature of the deals as well as the diverse responsibilities, which will enable me to broaden my skill set. The company’s reputation and culture is also great and that is appealing to me as well. It will help me to lay a foundation to work as a Financial Analyst, Stock Broker, or Import/Export Coordinator, international trade officer in reputed firms.
So I see this opportunity as one that can help me more forward in a positive way.
In the end, I would request you to kindly consider my application and issue me Letter of Acceptance so that I can meet my career aims.