Kate Chopin was one of the best writers of the Realism and Feminism literature movement

Kate Chopin was one of the best writers of the Realism and Feminism literature movement. Kate also wrote with a “local color” fashion to employ Cajun/Creole culture into her works that she always admired in Louisiana. Some of Chopin’s best work includes “The Awakening”, “The Story of an Hour”, “The Storm”, and “Desiree’s Baby”. Desiree’s Baby is a short story set before the American Civil War. The story is about a baby and a racial conflict between a wife and husband. Over time critics, scholars, and other writers have been writing about Chopin’s many subject matters and themes that she demonstrates. Many themes are presented in “Desiree’s Baby including women’s search for selfhood, slavery and racism, love and blindness, irony, and feminism.
One of the first major issues in the short story is Armand’s Pride. His pride is demonstrated clearly in the short story. Throughout the literature, Armand Aubigny’s pride is present as a man who was egoistic and had it all. According to the literary criticism by Gray H. Mayer, “Chopin depicts Armand Aubigny as a cruel, arrogant man who, likely, would never admit he was wrong” (Mayer). He felt like a king giving the fact that he came from a family who had a well-known name. Armand took advantage of his family’s name and used it in a way to empower himself to feel like a king aside from owning slaves. He put his pride first ahead of everything, even Desiree, because he felt he had to protect the family name and the family history.
Racism is the second major problem in the short story “Desiree’s Baby”. Giving the fact that Armand found out his identity and who he actually was, is quite ironic.