I have seen how communication

I have seen how communication, or I should say the lack of communication can ruin companies.With technology these days there should be no reason for this. I feel the best ways to communicate are by Email and in person. I like emails when you are communicating with others in your business, because it is in writing. Once you send the emails you have an audit trail of it being sent and the responses (if needed) to it. I also believe in speaking with others in person. This is a lost art, but can be done effectively, especially with employees, who don’t always have an email address. You can praise your employees, give them feedback, and ask for suggestions. When you do this in person, your employees will appreciate that you took time to talk to them. There is also text and calling to communicate, these are OK ways to communicate however I don’t feel these are the best way always. Calling employees is unavoidable if you are calling them to fill in or ask a question. But if you are texting and calling on your employees while they are at home, I feel that you could burn them out quickly.