However, hard-work is needed in order to be able achieve your goal for better opportunities. Once the immigrants step foot within this country, they are given straightforward opportunities. Sadly, some settlers who come here from another country are taken for granted and stereotyped as invaders and people who take away others opportunities to take them as their own. In “America and I”, the author Anzia Yezierska speaks about her first job in America since she came from her other country and the struggles she faced: “My own money. Money to buy a new shirt on my back- shoes on my feet. Maybe yet an American dress and hat…”Wages? Money?’ the four eyes turned into hard stone as they looked me up and down. ‘Haven’t you had a comfortable bed to sleep? And three good meals a day? You’re only a month here.” (19). Even though Anzia worked hard for a month and had a job, she wasn’t being paid and was told no by her bosses even after her hard work. In addition, that’s why settlers like Anzia Yezierska are willing to work even though they don’t get paid to do what Americans won’t do to earn money.