Feminism is an ideology

Feminism is an ideology, as well as an organized movement. Feminist want to the equality of men and women in terms of politics, economy, education, and so on. Goals of Feminism is to determine, to establish and implement the rights of women in politics, economy, and society. Feminism improve women in treatment of unfair on social. It against that women have oppressed by the male in all aspects such as politics. Women libbers is trying to change and solve these phenomena. However, if feminist want to realize in all aspects of equality between men and women, it should pay a tremendous capital, resources, and labor. In patriarchy society, men have more power than women in the public and private sectors, which lead to inequality between men and women and unfair phenomenon. Women are treated unfairly and difficult to get and grasp power. According to the existing data, it has enough evidence to support these problem is very serious and very common. One of the key reasons is the world’s illiterate. Another significant reason is that the legal rights of inequality. The emergence of Feminism is safeguard for women’s rights, it is including has the right to vote and equal rights in marriage, and women can work in government departments. Women libbers is also go all out to protect women and girls from rape, sexual harassment and domestic violence. After years of development, the feminism present many different point of view and ideology. In the 1970 s, women began to develop a theory to fight and against patriarchy. In the 1980 s, feminist theory began to split, no longer is unified, because of the feminist to appeared different answers in some specific problems. Feminism appeared the different kinds. Feminist theory began to branch out a different theory. Nowadays, universal Feminist theory have Radical Feminism, Liberal Feminism, Ecological Feminism, as well as the Socialist Feminism. I am a supporter of Socialist Feminism. This essay outlines the reasons why.

On the basic of the population in the world, unequal between men and women is very serious case. Women account for more than two-thirds of the world’s illiterate women. In many developing countries, such as Afghanistan, India, China women still lack chance to accept education. Women often are not allowed to go to rural schools, because people in here will product averse sentiment, and there is keep the conservative religious beliefs and traditional culture to limit behavior of women in those countries. Many agencies of social and government still cannot guarantee women’s basic legal and human rights, it also cannot ensure participation for women in the rights of the political and economic. Unequal legal and rights result more vulnerable to violence injury for women. Especially in the violence of partner and sexual. In the world, 35% of women have experienced at least one physical or sexual violence form their husband or non-intimate partner. For instance, marital rape is legal in India. However, Rape laws do not apply to married couple, it indicates that their law ignored the basic right for the body right of women. No matter in developed countries or developing countries, above example have certificated that it is still hard to alter situation inequality in some country full of deep-seated cultures and religions. I think feminism can chance and solve this problem.

In the world, there are many different types of feminism theory, which have their own unique ideas and goals. For example:
1. Radical feminism: It’s purpose and principle dissolution of patriarchy. The radical feminists think that patriarchy is one of the oldest forms to oppress on women. This type of feminists hope to be able to overthrow the gender system and get rid of unfair case in the society. However, its drawback is against the normal growth of the human, its supporters put forward that the baby should be growth outside the female body to promote greater equality between men and women. (study)
2. Liberal Feminism: The main point is all people enjoy equal rights. It criticizes the old order of rationalism, such as, the tradition of sexist. Its main opposite and confront legislation aspect of patriarchal. Liberal feminist think that making law can requiring the equality between men and women to solve the problem of women’s oppression. It’s mainly shortcoming is attaches great importance to the interest of the individual, rather than the emphasis on race and class.
3. Ecological feminism: This feminist think that men occupy a dominant position in the patriarchy, which have hurt and disadvantage for the earth’s environment and women. They also believe that women can understand the nature and have certain effect to protect the earth.
4. Socialist feminism: Overthrowing capitalism and the liberation of women is its main point. Socialist feminist also supports women to enjoy equal legal and political rights. Socialist feminism is more widespread attention to society, it also includes race and class. This feminist want to let female to get the same and equal treatment in various aspects like salary.
In 1970, the socialist feminism has appeared. In spite of that, existence time is very short, this does not affect my support for it. I will choose to support the socialist feminism, because women are not alone to face the oppression, women as a class and a whole to struggle with patriarchy society. On account of patriarchy and capitalism is closely connect with each other. Women do not have access to free and respect. Inequality distribution of economic led to women very dependence on the behaviors of men, this is the main reason why women can’t get equal. Disequilibrium of wealth between men and women, which make women to lose rights of speak with men. For example, the woman as a mother and wife should do the housework and take care of children in a family every day, it takes 20 hours to complete these missions. Yet, they don’t have income. On the contrary, men work 9 hours to get “salary” in the outside. Because of the money, men and women can’t have the same position. According to Socialist Feminism, Women’s work at home should be respected. Men cannot lose esteem for women cause they have not money income. A lot of people and I quite agree this statement, because women pay a price like time and effort is more than men for families and children’s growth, it cannot use money to calculate. Women should be get equal. Another important reason is peaceful methods. It tends to use this method to realize the equality between men and women. I think that this can reduce male to feel disgusted and averse for the feminism.
In China, as one of the sexism country, it belongs to the development route of socialism, I think conforms one of the important factors in the socialist feminism. There do not overthrew the premise of capitalism. I think this will lay the foundation for the equality of Chinese women, so that the Chinese people can easily to accept the emergence of gender equality theory. As a Chinese woman, I hope that it can change prejudice of men to women.
No matter what kind of feminism, their main purpose also hope that women have equal treatment and reduce the damage, and obtain certain rights in the society. In recently society, women get gradually equal opportunity in many career and opportunity. Many women can participate in the public office, such as a country’s officials like Hillary Clinton in the United States and Yingluck Shinawatra in Thailand, which can publish their views in the occasion of political. Although China’s development has a lot of progress, as a Chinese woman, I think China need to be further development of feminism to promote equality between men and women. Historical factors still hamper equal development in China. On one hand, the idea of “son preference” in traditional of Chinese, many girls cannot accept education. In families of many rural, people in here prefer to choose boys to study knowledge, even women should go out to work and earn money to pay the tuition fee of boys. On the other hand, Old people need the face. The old people will limit to divorce, when their daughter was subjected to domestic violence. Because “domestic” will make them to be laughed to others. I hope that it can appear more socialist feminist in China to realize rights of women. They keep to use peacefully methods to promote equality, I believe that the aims of feminist can achieve in the future.