Dunkin Donuts Dunkin Donuts starts their company on 1950

Dunkin Donuts
Dunkin Donuts starts their company on 1950, William Rosenberg is the one who create most of the menus and the company strategy. Their first shop is located at Quincy, Massachusetts, USA. He started to create or produce a coffee that will attract and addict customer who have try it for the very first time and apart from that he also made another menu that is donuts with a various type of flavour. So that, people will enjoy eating the donut while slurping the coffee. William Rosenberg mission is to offer the best quality coffee he could find.

They have celebrate their 65th birthday on 2015 and now on 2018 they have reached their 68th years. William Rosenberg carefully choose his coffee in order to produce the richest and smoothest flavour ever. It is because they always want to serve a high quality coffee that is packed with flavour. Other than donuts and coffee their range of other snacks also grown with sandwiches and pastries.

The company now has branches in 33 countries around the world. They will probably serve 5 million of customer in a day. Dunkin Donuts now is one of the most loved bakery and coffee in the world.

The reasons why people should invest and open a franchise of dunkin donuts is because their offer a flexible portfolio of concept that have their own copyright and the aim of the company is to provide direct support and partnership so that you will easily continue the business and road to success.

Starbucks start their first operation on 31 March 1971, at Seattle Washington. It is manage by three partners, that’s means it is a partnership. The founder is Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegel. The three of them have a big passion for tea and coffee. They aim to provide coffee to a large scale of bars and restaurants.
Starbucks now is not only a place where you go to sit and drink a coffee but now it become a place where people spent their leisure time, student also sit there to drink their coffee while doing their assignment.
Their mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit. Starbucks not only sell coffee but they also sell other beverages, fresh foods and merchandise.
Starbucks also got tons of award, the award that they get is on 2017 is “one of the top 10 millennial brands” and many awards.

Performance Management of Starbucks
Firstly, they have a corporate strategy it is to ensure that they will achieve their mission, vision, and aim for the company. It is to make sure their company is in a stable condition to compete with other company.

Secondly, business strategy so that the company have their own organization and know their own roles based on certain organization under the department. It is also to make sure the employees know their roles or their job specification.
Thirdly, the company also emphasized on the motivation of the company. The employees will also be a part of decision making and they were decreasing the using of machine. So that, the manpower of the employee is useful. The employee also will get a financial present maybe such as bonus to appraise their work. They also can achieve an excellent empowerment if they were working with a leadership.