Burt’s Bees Company offers a variety of natural skin care products

Burt’s Bees Company offers a variety of natural skin care products. They are one of the leading internationally recognised company dealing with skin care products. Their sell both children and adults products.
The product’s main raw material is honey. The prices of their products are relatively higher as compared to its substitutes. Thou this is the case, their products do sell much more than competitor’s products.

Background and Existing Competition
The company was started in 1984 where it used to sell candle wax. It then started selling honey in packed bottles as a way to increase their products.
It then developed interests in producing natural skin care products as time went by. Now they are one of the leading companies selling natural beautification products. Their products are mostly sold across Europe.
The company faces lot of competition from other companies selling beauty products. Competition ranges from companies selling both natural and non-natural products. Most of their companies’ products are relatively cheaper hence
Pricing Strategy & Recommendations
Burt’s Bees Company uses value based pricing as its strategy. From the consumer’s perspective, natural products tend to be of higher price than non-natural products. This can be seen from even edible products like juice. Chemical products are taken to be with many side effects hence the customer willingness to buy the product as compared to natural products is lower.
Also from the consumer’s point of view, products with higher price are of more quality as compared to products with low quality. The company’s products are relatively expensive and natural hence a sense of high quality for their products.

Distribution Strategy
The products are distributes to various places through various distribution channels. Some are distributes by other companies which have been given rights by Burt’s bees company then sold in wholesale and through online platform eg Amazon and Shopify.
The company uses advertisement as its main way to create awareness of its products. This is done using television advertisements and online advertisement. The main online advertisements used are Facebook, instagram, twitter and Google advertising.

Burt’s Bees company has one of the best marketing startegies. They know what the customers want and how to deliver its products.
The company should increases its advertisement audience so as tocreat more awareness of its products to consumers who don’t know of its products existence.