As a teaching assistant

As a teaching assistant, I think that it is crucial to build a professional relationship with children and young people. In any relationship especially between a child and an adult, there should be trust. If the child trusts the teaching assistant and feels comfortable in their company, allows providing a supportive and friendly environment in which the child can effectively learn and develop.
In my opinion, the best example of building the professional relationship is the time when we are the first time in the new classroom. We are observing children and being observed by them. We need to build trust and respond to the needs of particular children individually. It is very important to present friendly facial expression, a smile will make them feel welcome and safe. Be approachable and remain calm at all times. It is essential to remember children’s names and pronounce them correctly and use their preferred way to be addressed. It shows our respect and attention. Also, attentive listening is one of the most important ways to progress a relationship with a child or young person. Listening carefully to what a child has to say, allow to take time if needed without interruption, conveys to the child that we are interested in what is their views and opinions and they are valued and respected.
The next aspect of a professional relationship is an effective communication. We must communicate in a clear manner and adapt behavior and language to the age of the child or young person. Be aware of the context, because different situations require different methods of communication and appropriate tone of voice. It is very important to understand and respect communication differences and levels of language development. Keeping eye contact and actively listening, show them that we are interested. Also, using body language like nodding, a gesture of thumb up, giving friendly comments and asking questions is the best way to support the conversation. Encourage them to ask questions and allow them to express their own opinions, feelings, and ideas so we maintain a two-way dialogue between adults and pupils rather than a one-way flow of instructions. We must be aware of our body posture and get down to their eye level, adjusting our height by bending is much friendlier than over a child.