Answer =Branding is a key to business success

Answer =Branding is a key to business success. The core brand value helps the company to grow in the market.If our brand value good in the market people like to use these type of things more and the brand value will help to attract and keep customers, employees, suppliers and customers. Our brand values are the compass that point to the north of your business success. Google add value by providing tool to better target their ads and better understand the effectiveness of their marketing. The google company core brand value to hire great people and expect from them and we are quantitative company that uses data to make decisions. Google hire number of people every year who have talent to do work very well way. Google creates a workplace that is constantly innovating, experimenting and keeping things fun and create many advantage to their customers. Technology innovation is a lifeblood of google and the google provide fairness and respect. Google core brand value creating a internet that is universally developed and its very useful for everyone today.