After implementation of these steps

After implementation of these steps, architecture to develop a software program is required. When these wireless systems
developed then these should cope with the problem fairly on real time. If an architecture of software program is designed in such a
way that it is safe for security flexibility and other issues as well. If technology is implemented selected in an improved way then an
information system can work well. If there are leaks in the design and programming tactics and technology implementation then
there would be a lot of leak in the system as well that result in a very severe or drastic problem. In this way it can be say that
software programs that developed to resolve a problem needs attention in all these metrics to work upon and to get a better result. If
there is a better program written by a programmer who is reliable and portable, efficient and of strong functionality then fulfill the
better requirement in this case. Whereas if we are talking about the wireless information systems things become more sensitive as
we are dealing on real time and gather a lot of security risks. That’s why after applying and implementing rules and regulations and
following the standards will get the better results.