1. Red light, green light
One child is the traffic light at one end, and the other players are at the other end. When the traffic light faces the group, he or she says, “Red light!” and everyone must freeze. The traffic light then turns his or her back and says, “Green light!” while the group tries to get as close to the traffic light as possible. The traffic light turns around quickly, again saying, “Red light!”, and if anyone is spotted moving, they have to go back to the starting place. The first child to tag the traffic light wins and gets to be the next traffic light.
2. Tag
A child is chosen and named “it”. That child chases the other people around, trying to tag one of them with their hand. The newly tagged child is now “it”. The game continues until only one child is left who has not been tagged by anyone and he is the winner. The winner gets a chocolate.
3. Maths
Children will sit in a circle. One team member will sit in the middle and ask a mathematical question. The first child to answer gets a chocolate.
4. Dot painting
Children will use the cotton buds for dot painting and will draw something.
5. The big fat lie:
Each child will come forward and deliver 3 sentences about themselves, out of which one will be lie which has to be identified by other children.
6. Connect the dots
Children will be asked to choose 2 cards from a bowl which will contain general words. The child will have to build up a story using the 2 words. Once the children are comfortable and familiar we may increase the number of words at once.