Topic: Contrasting visible food calorie counts on menus to be maintained or eliminated

Title: Contrast the benefits and downfalls of including visible food calorie counts on menus for the Ontario public. Should Ontario maintain or eliminate this new policy?


Attention-getter: Did u feel comfortable with this act showing calories in menus according to Ontario law? But people go in restaurants for having tasty food and enjoyment.

Thesis statement: (name items and criteria, arguable/suggest your purpose – compare, contrast or both?)
Visible food calories on menu resulted in very bad situation and good situations for people because of these three things cost, promote Health Nutrition, competition in food industry

Body Paragraphs
Paragraph #1
Item #1 for comparison: calories on menu
Criterion #1: Cost
Restaurant profit goes down
Less customers
Less items
Need to close food stalls
Expense increase in new menus with calories

Criterion #2: Promote Health Nutrition
People taste change
Looking at calories before the items
Preferring low calories food
Public eating habits
Prepare healthy food
No junk food existence
People would not get their choice food

Criterion #3: Competition in food industry
Restaurants competition
Food supply chain
More effort towards people choice

Paragraph #2
Item #2 for comparison: calories not visible
Criterion #1: cost
People paying less amount
Restaurant running smoothly
No more obstacles
No new expense
Not lose customers

Criterion #2: Promote health nutrition
People not aware
Junk food
More health issues
Spending money

Criterion #3: competition in food industry
Carry on with same supply change
Reputation remain unchanged
Satisfying people needs
No more changes

i. Summary statement:

Menus with calories shows the good nutrition which can help to prevent from disease and promote healthy future, will change the food supply. In contrasting menus without viewing calories leads to many issues which can affect every ones health, society eating habits, people paying money on wrong food.

ii. Memorable statement

Ultimately menus showing calories results with more beneficial points than menu not viewing calories because
Its improving people’s own habits of eating food, it is for their better future.