The first issue should be covered is selection and recruitment method

The first issue should be covered is selection and recruitment method. Company is planning to use application forms and semi-structured interviews for selection process but the research says there are several disadvantages for both application forms and semi-structured interviews. For application forms one of the main problem is they can cause quick judgements about candidates, another problem is candidates can fake information. For semi-structured interviews the main issue is the interviewer should have interview skills, without enough knowledge there is a high risk that interviews will be assessed wrong. The research also says that you can not compare two candidate with semi-structured interview because each semi-structured interview is unique and contain different questions. Also the candidates can lie about answers in order to gain sympathy from interviewee. For the semi-structured interviews the quality of the interview is totally depended on the interviewees skills. Since there is no human resources department in the company, there is no suitable interviewee to make appropriate assessment. The company will invest in 10 employees for 2 years training, so this selection method is not suitable for this case. The first step of the best selection method for this case is a structured interview done by the head manager of Sammie Pet supplies and deciding who might be a suitable candidate for the job. The second step is applying to an assessment center for the suitable candidates. The main purpose of this 2 steps selection method is choosing the best candidates for training. Structured interviews should done as a first step to decrease the number and increase the qualification of candidates since assessment centers costs a lot. So before the assessment center, company itself can choose the candidates who are adaptable with company`s organizational structure and cultural background. Then possible candidates should go through several tests and methods. Psychometric tests, group exercises, aptitude tests, role playing, personality questionnaires and presentations will be best options at the assessment center.