“Superman and Paula Brown’s New Snowsuit”

“Superman and Paula Brown’s New Snowsuit” & “The Darkness Out There.”

In both stories there is a theme presented by the narrator that adults are never perfect and are never how children expect them to be. In Sylvia Plath’s “Superman and Paula Brown’s New Snowsuit” a girl, the narrator, is forced to take the blame of something she didn’t because of the adults, this shows her that adults are never how you imagine them to be; in Penelope Lively’s “The Darkness Out There” Sandra a girl who is visiting an old widow, Mrs Rutters finds out that the old lady and her sister once found a German who survived a plane crash but was in need of serious help but Mrs Rutters and her sister left him for two days for him to die. Followed by this, Sandra leaves with her friend Kerry and discusses her shock about what she had just heard. From this Sandra is left knowing that not all adults are perfect, and they aren’t how you think they are; this links with the first story and how children believe things about adults that aren’t true until they get older or are shown the truth.